Magic Stringing has an expertise for customizing. trusted to customize racquets for touring pros as well as the keen amateur. We provide customization services across Canada

Customizing allows you to tune the weight, balance, and swing weight of your racquets to your desired specification. This allows a player to have a racquet fit for their physique and playing style, providing a subtle but important on-court advantage

Customization is completed using a Gamma Racquet Test Centre (RTC)


Whether you are a touring pro with a set of 12 racquets or a club player with 2 racquets, racquet matching is something that can benefit you. Your racquets are the same brand and model however may not have the same specs.

Manufacturing tolerances are +/- 7 grams for the weight, meaning you can have two racquets that are 14g apart! Matching corrects manufacturing tolerances, meaning when you break a string and pull out another racquet from your bag during a crucial point in the third set, you can be confident that it will play the same

Grip Size Increase

Racquet too small in your hand? We can increase the size of your grip by either full or half sizes for the perfect fit